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In order for the game to start, at least two characters need to be selected, and at least 1 character needs to be on each team. 

Click on the flag to change the team color of a character.

Also make sure to click on the stage icon to select the stage... even though its the only stage on there.

**See CONTROLS below**

Volley Hell is a small, simple, and fast. Play as a cast of four unique characters as they compete against each other in the worlds newest popular sport. Magic, demons and swordplay meet in this spurious game of volleyball.

Only 4 playable characters!
Only 1 playable stage! (For now)
Each character has only about 5 moves! 
You can be respectful towards your opponent by shaking their hand!

The game has been confirmed to work with ps3 controllers, ps4 controllers, xbox controllers, and switch pro controllers. There are passable keyboard controls for one player.

Keyboard (player 1 only):
WASD: Directional Movement
Spacebar: Jump
O: R_Function
P: Attack/menu confirm
1: Offer Handshake

Joypad/left joystick:  Directional Movement
Super Nintendo B Button: Jump
Super Nintendo Y Button: Attack
R1/R2: Special R function
L1/L2: Offer Handshake

Character R-Functions:

Dogbone: Pressing R with cause her to dash.

Tick_Tally: Holding R while attacking will shoot his fist.

MAN!: Hold R for variable amounts of time to unleash different attacks.

Trensetta: Press R to affect each of their projectiles.


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VolleyHell_Win.zip 14 MB
VolleyHell_mac.zip 15 MB

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