DOTH HARK!! The mythological pink beast hath risen from underneath the quiet town of Blocksford-Upon-Dragon! You must build a stone BARRICADE to protect the castle keep from a fiery fate, but beware the Dragon’s FIREBALLS! Use the fabled GREAT HAMMER to repair the castle walls.

The castle may be doomed, but you can buy your people some time to evacuate!


ARROW KEYS - move SPACE - pick up & drop blocks / pick up & SLAM hammer ARROW KEYS - move


The dragon spits fireballs downfield in increasingly quick intervals.

Pick up piles of blocks from the rubble piles on either side of the screen using SPACE, and place them in your field to fortify your defenses. NOTE: After the stone piles are placed, you can pick up and move individual blocks.

Use the hammer to repair the damage to your castle by hammering in front of it. If you’re dumb enough to try, you can also crush fireballs!!

Good luck!

Johanna Morgan - Programming, and Design

Frazier Krohn - Art and Music

Gage Bradley - Art, Music, Description

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AuthorJohanna Morgan
TagsLudum Dare 50
LinksLudum Dare


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i love the difficulty! You're always on your toes but never really get frustrated. also the knight is cute :>

I died. A lot. This is the dark souls of games with dragons and knights.

What a great game! The style of art and music gives me Shovel Knight vibes in a good way.