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There are Witched and Witch Eaters. The Witches win if they expel all the Witch Eaters from the circle. The Witch eaters win if there are as many Witch Eaters as Witches.

Players can cast spells by expending the spell sheet and an evil eye.

On a players turn, they choose to spin a note, an evil eye, or a spell.

Players refer to a collective spellbook, which will grow with each game, to choose which spells to spin.


An empty glass bottle.

Many sheets of paper for writing spells, notes, and drawing evil eyes.

A blanket to spin the bottle on.

A sticker or the sticky part of a sticky note to stick on the bottle.


1. Get as many sheets of paper as there are players. For every three players, write “Witch Eater” on one, then write witch on the others.  Secretly distribute them to all players.

2. Lay the blanket on a flat surface. And sit in a circle. 

3. Draw an eye on the sticky note or sticker, then stick it on the side of the bottle.

Casting Spells

You can cast spells at any time, including during your turn. To do so, you must spend an evil eye.

Evil Eyes

You cannot make yourself evil eyes. There are 2 conventional ways to get them.

1. Someone spun an evil eye and the bottle landed on you.

2. The bottle landed on you and the evil eye sticker is on the top half of the bottle.

If at any point in time a player has 3 evil eyes in their possession, they are expelled from the circle. Note that Witch Eaters are cheaters, and may ignore this rule.

When it isn't your turn:

Freely talk. 

Cast spells when appropriate and if you are able.

Now is a good time to write spells or to create evil eyes to spin.

During a Players Turn:

During your turn you must spin. 

You can spin a spell, spin an evil eye, or spin a note.

Spin a Spell: There are 3 ways to spin a spell.

1. Spin a spell you received before. 

2. Spin a spell you've written on a sheet. 

3. Write the name of a spell in the tome on a sheet and spin that.

Spin an Evil Eye:

Draw an eye on a sheet of paper. That sheet may contain whatever else you want, but if it has an eye prominently drawn on it, it is an evil eye. Note that the only way to obtain evil eyes is to receive them in from spins. You cannot make yourself an evil eye.

Spin a Message:

If you can think of nothing else to do, or if you find it strategically beneficial to spin nothing, write a message on a sheet of paper and spin it.

Winning and Losing:

If at any point the Witch Eaters outnumber or match the number of witches, the Witch Eaters win.

If a player receives an evil eye and already has TWO in their possession, they must leave the circle.

If a player is accused by the  majority of players, they must leave the circle.

Note that a Witch Eaters may lie and cheat whenever it suits them. 

Starting Spells:

Rite of Expelling: Starting with you, each player votes on a player they'd like to remove from the game. If the majority of votes are for the same player, that player is expelled from the game.

Glare of the Void: Give target player an evil eye.

Curse of Dad: Give this curse to another player. Cursed player: You must write a new spell each of your turns. Your spells must always make the subject of the spell get up from the game and do a short task. Spinning 2 spells breaks this curse.

Steal Magic: Another player gives you a spell of their choice.

Magic Dial: When the bottle spins, you choose where it stops.

Prediction: Before the bottle is spun, look at the note inside. 

Rules and Warnings about Writing Spells:

In order for a spell to have any effect, it must be cast.

In order for a spell to be cast:

1. It must have been removed from the bottle at least once.

2. The caster must willingly cast the spell.

3. The caster must announce that they are casting the spell.

4. The caster must discard an evil eye. 

So, for instance,  a play may write a spell that says "The person who receives this spell is expelled," thinking that they can put it into the bottle, thus expelling the player that the spin points to. In reality however, they will put it into the bottle, spin it, the player the bottle points to will receive the spell.  The person who received the spell can now announce that they're casting a spell, discard an evil eye to do so, place it in the bottle, then spin it, and whoever it lands on THIS time will be expelled. 

The primary method of balancing spells is that players cannot guarantee that they will get to cast the spells that they write. By writing an extremely powerful spell and sending it through the bottle, you very well may be arming your foe with the very spell you wrote. 

Furthermore, upon receiving a spell you wrote through the bottle, a keen player may be able to divine something about your intentions. 

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